Coalition for Sensible Planning

Janet Wolf has assured us that the GVC 20/20 Vision Document
will serve as a blueprint for a future updated community plan.
We look forward to her ongoing support when she takes office in 2007

Transcript of Janet Wolf's comments in support of the GVC 20/20 Vision Document:

"I have quite a bit of faith in the people who are on that visioning committee. I've been to numerous meetings. They've come up with a draft report, and I don't know if any of you have seen it, but it is online. And I think it is an amazing document that just reflects the vision of what the community would like for this Goleta Valley. It talks about treating the environment with care. It talks about living modestly within our means. It talks about....and it also addresses housing issues.

So, I think that--and like I said, it hasn't been finalized--there's going to be public input. But to me, I think that the framework of this document is quite incredible. They've done a very good job. So, after that, we will move forward and go into the community plan process. And I will vow and hope, that this--not even hope--I will vow that this visioning document will serve as the blueprint for the updated community plan.

There has been too much work. There has been so much dedication from the people who have been on this committee. And it's what I've said from the beginning, that these are really intelligent people who represent a cross section of our community. And they've grappled together with the issues that I think all of us grapple with. And at the last visioning meeting, one of the members of the group said:

'You know this is not a majority opinion document. This is a document where people have come together and compromised on certain items.'

I think, in general, there didn't need to be a compromise, because we have a general vision of what the valley should look like. But on certain issues, people did come together. I think that was kind of the trust that I had, and I will carry that through.

You know, being in elected office, when you ask a group of citizens to put their time forth and dedicate hours and hours of community service, I think it's important that you set the parameters of what you want the final product to be. You let the group move forward, and you take that report, and you respect the report. In my mind, you implement the report. Because once you start moving away from that type of decision-making process, where you're asking for community input, and then you negate it, I think then you really hit a brick wall--and no one's going to want to participate."


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